Financial Aid Specialist at Mount San Antonio College (2023)


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Financial Aid Specialistna koleju Mount San Antonio

career information

Release date: 15.05.2023 Registration deadline: 14/7/2023 23:59 Peaceful
Type of employment: full time Duration of the working year: See the job description
Salary: $4,943 to $6,308 per month Number of vacancies: (at time of publication)It is not specified
Contact: human resources E-MAIL:
Phone: (909) 274-4225

Job Description/Essentials: Type

Financial Aid Specialist
Position number: CM-182-2022
Department: Financial aid
Job Category:
Time (percentage of time):
Duration (months/years):
Current work schedule (days, hours): Monday-Thursday, 8:00-17:00, Friday, 8:00-16:30
Salary range: A-81
Salary: A-81 Steps 1-6: $4,943-$6,308 per month
Shift difference: Right to shift difference based on a valid collective agreement.
Start date: 10.03.2023
First screening date: May 11, 2023
Open to Fulfilled: Yes
Application process:
Initial Review of Applications: Complete application documentation will be accepted until the position is filled. However, applications submitted by 23:59 will not be accepted. (PT) on the above initial review date are guaranteed to be met.
Unless otherwise noted, applicants must submit all of the following materials electronically to the Mt. SAC employment to be considered for this position:
• Online registration at Mt. San Antonio College • A cover letter describing how the applicant has the required education and experience Proof of degree awarded/awarded is required and must be submitted by all applicants, including current or former university employees, by electronic applications to demonstrate that the necessary educational qualifications are available. Unofficial certificates are accepted at the time of application. However, copies of diplomas will not be accepted in lieu of certificates. • Optional - three letters of recommendation reflecting relevant experience (do not use social media or professional networks as a means of providing letters of recommendation). Confidential letters of recommendation are not acceptable for this position.
Health and wellness:
Mt. San Antonio College offers eligible employees a competitive and premium benefits package that includes medical, dental and eye benefits for eligible employees and their dependents. Lifetime health benefits are also available to eligible retirees.
The college pays an annual premium up to family coverage for Kaiser Permanente plans worth $15 for doctor visits, DeltaCare HMO dental plans, VSP vision plans and qualified employee life insurance.
The District participates in the Public Employees' Retirement System (PERS), State Teachers' Retirement System (STRS), and National Benefit Administration programs.
*Note: Salary and health insurance are subject to change. For more information, see
Basic Operation/Overview:
DEFINITION: Performs, under general supervision, specific duties related to the implementation of the district's financial assistance program. interviews, advises, and supports students with program services; processes and awards financial aid to students in accordance with federal, state, and county policies and procedures; provides students and district officials with information about financial aid programs and services; Provides support for various tasks related to the development and implementation of assigned programs, projects and services. SUPERVISION RECEIVED AND EXERCISED: Receives general supervision from manager, support or designee. May provide technical and operational leadership to student staff and authorized personnel. CHARACTERISTICS OF CLASS: This classification is responsible for coordinating the implementation of special programs and tasks assigned to support financial assistance programs. The job has technical aspects that require the interpretation and application of policies, procedures, and regulations and involves frequent contact with students, faculty, and outside organizations. Positions at this level perform a full range of assigned duties, work independently, exercise judgment, and take initiative. Positions at this level receive only occasional instruction or assistance when new or unusual situations arise and are fully aware of work unit operations and policies. This grade differs from the Supervisor, Special Programs grade in that the latter full-level supervisor grade is responsible for organizing, assigning, supervising, and reviewing the work of assigned personnel working in financial aid support services.
Key duties/main responsibilities:
1. Εκτελεί ένα πλήρες φάσμα εργασιών ρουτίνας έως πολύπλοκων ειδικοτήτων που σχετίζονται με την επεξεργασία και την αξιολόγηση του υλικού αίτησης και τη χρηματοδότηση ευκαιριών οικονομικής βοήθειας για τους επιλέξιμους φοιτητές. 2. Επαληθεύει την αρχική και συνεχή επιλεξιμότητα των φοιτητών που έχουν υποβάλει αίτηση ή έχουν λάβει οικονομική βοήθεια και ειδοποιεί τους επηρεαζόμενους φοιτητές για την κατάστασή τους. επιλύει προβλήματα που σχετίζονται με υπερπληρωμή και ταυτόχρονη εγγραφή· Υπολογίστε την επιστροφή της ενίσχυσης του Τίτλου IV και άλλα θέματα οικονομικής βοήθειας, π.χ. Β. Ικανοποιητική Ακαδημαϊκή Πρόοδος (SAP) και Pell αξιοποίηση, έγκαιρη.3. Βοηθά στη μηνιαία, τριμηνιαία και ετήσια συμφωνία των λογαριασμών του προγράμματος επιχορήγησης.4. Ελέγχει τα αρχεία οικονομικής βοήθειας για να διασφαλίσει την ακρίβεια των πληροφοριών αίτησης οικονομικής βοήθειας που παρέχονται από γονείς και μαθητές σε συνδυασμό με έντυπα IRS, αρχεία κοινωνικής ασφάλισης και διάφορες υπηρεσίες που χρησιμοποιούνται για τον προσδιορισμό της καταλληλότητας οικονομικής βοήθειας σύμφωνα με τις ομοσπονδιακές οδηγίες και έντυπα. 5. Αναλύει και εξετάζει τις αιτήσεις και την απαιτούμενη τεκμηρίωση για να προσδιορίσει την οικονομική ανάγκη και την καταλληλότητα προγραμμάτων για διάφορα ομοσπονδιακά, πολιτειακά και τοπικά προγράμματα. Επιχορηγήσεις συγγραφέων χρησιμοποιώντας τυπική ανάλυση αναγκών σύμφωνα με τις κατευθυντήριες γραμμές του Τίτλου IV και σύμφωνα με συγκεκριμένες ομοσπονδιακές, πολιτειακές και τοπικές οδηγίες. διεξάγει συζητήσεις με μαθητές για δανεισμό και ραντεβού. 7. Εξουσιοδοτεί και δημοσιεύει ποσά δανείων σε λογαριασμούς φοιτητών. κάνει προσαρμογές όπως απαιτείται. συμβιβάζει και επιστρέφει πληρωμές.8. Διασφαλίζει την ακριβή και έγκαιρη αναφορά φοιτητικών και βοηθητικών πληροφοριών στους δανειστές, τους παρόχους υπηρεσιών και τους οργανισμούς εγγυήσεων. 9. Βοηθά στο σχεδιασμό και την οργάνωση δραστηριοτήτων πεδίου για μαθητές που δικαιούνται ειδική υποστήριξη ή/και υπηρεσίες. 10. Βοηθά σε προγράμματα οικονομικής βοήθειας, υπηρεσίες και εκδηλώσεις μέσω διαφόρων χώρων επικοινωνίας και μέσων κοινωνικής δικτύωσης. δημιουργεί φυλλάδια, μπροσούρες, προγράμματα και άλλο ενημερωτικό υλικό. 11. Διεξάγει εργαστήρια και παρουσιάσεις σε διάφορα θέματα που σχετίζονται με προγράμματα οικονομικής βοήθειας. δημιουργεί, αναπτύσσει και αναθεωρεί υλικό, φυλλάδια και πακέτα εργαστηρίου. 12. Προετοιμάζει και διατηρεί διάφορα αρχεία και αρχεία προγραμμάτων ή/και μαθητών. 13. Συλλέγει, μεταγλωττίζει, ενημερώνει και διανέμει διάφορα στοιχεία του τμήματος, έντυπα, αρχεία και δεδομένα όπως απαιτείται. προετοιμάζει και διατηρεί διάφορες βάσεις δεδομένων και εκθέσεις. Παρέχει πληροφορίες, συμβουλές και καθοδήγηση στους μαθητές, τους γονείς και το προσωπικό της περιοχής που απαιτούν κρίση και ερμηνεία κανόνων, κανονισμών, πολιτικών και διαδικασιών. συναντιέται με μαθητές, γονείς και προσωπικό της περιφέρειας για να λάβει δεδομένα, να ερμηνεύσει πληροφορίες και να απαντήσει σε ερωτήσεις· προετοιμάζει ανεξάρτητα αλληλογραφία για να απαντήσει σε ερωτήσεις, να ζητήσει πληροφορίες ή να δώσει διευκρινίσεις. Διατηρεί ακριβή και λεπτομερή υπολογιστικά φύλλα, αρχεία και αρχεία, επαληθεύει πληροφορίες για ακρίβεια, διερευνά ασυνέπειες και καταγράφει πληροφορίες.16. Ερευνά, συλλέγει και οργανώνει πληροφορίες και δεδομένα για θέματα που σχετίζονται με προγράμματα οικονομικής βοήθειας. συντάσσει και συντάσσει εκθέσεις, εγχειρίδια, άρθρα, ανακοινώσεις και άλλο πληροφοριακό υλικό. Συμμετέχει σε επιτροπές προγραμμάτων περιφέρειας, κοινοτικές δραστηριότητες και τεχνικά συνέδρια και συναντήσεις που σχετίζονται με την ανάπτυξη και εφαρμογή προγραμμάτων ή/και υπηρεσιών οικονομικής βοήθειας. 18. Βοηθά στην ανάλυση και τη συμφωνία των προγραμμάτων χρηματοδότησης των φοιτητών, όπως οι εκταμιεύσεις, σύμφωνα με τους ομοσπονδιακούς, πολιτειακούς και τοπικούς κανονισμούς. 19. Μαθαίνει και εφαρμόζει νέες τεχνολογίες και εκτελεί εργασίες αποτελεσματικά, οργανωμένα και έγκαιρα όπως χρειάζεται. 20. Εκτελεί άλλα σχετικά καθήκοντα όπως του έχουν ανατεθεί.
Other tasks:
I know about:
1. Policies, practices, and performance requirements related to grant program development and implementation. 2. Procedures for planning, implementing and maintaining various presentations, activities and programs 3. Research and reporting methods, techniques and procedures 4. Data collection and reporting policies and practices.5. Applicable federal, state, local and provincial policies, codes, regulations, technical procedures and procedures related to the program to which you are assigned.6. Modern office practices, methods and computer equipment and applications, including word processing, database and spreadsheet applications.7. Record keeping policies and procedures.8. Principles, practices and techniques for effective public relations and basic public relations.9. Use of the English language, spelling, vocabulary, grammar and punctuation. 10. Techniques for providing a high level of customer service through effective interaction with the public, vendors, students, and area employees, including individuals of various ages, disabilities, socioeconomic, and ethnic groups.
Qualifications and skills:
1. Evaluate and provide input to the director, grantee, or designee on improvements to existing grantmaking processes.2. Present financial aid information verbally and in writing to various stakeholders, such as students, families, and community organizations, e.g. B. What is financial aid, how to apply for financial aid and how to apply for a scholarship. Prepare materials for field presentations, e.g. collection of brochures, reports and other relevant program material.3. Provide students with sound advice and guidance about financial aid programs and services.4. Interpret, apply, explain and ensure compliance with applicable federal, state, local and provincial policies, procedures and regulations.5. Research conduct. effectively analyse, interpret, summarize and present technical information and data. 6. Drafts and prepares basic reports, letters, and other written materials independently or with brief instructions. 7. Perform accurate mathematical, financial and statistical calculations. 8. Setup and maintenance of various filing, recording and monitoring systems. 9. Organize your own work, set priorities and meet critical deadlines. 10. Operate modern office equipment, including computer equipment and special software application programs. 11. Use English effectively for personal communication, telephone and written. 12. Understand the range of authority when making independent decisions. 13. Carefully review situations and use your judgment to determine the appropriate course of action in accordance with established policies and procedures. 14. Establish, maintain and promote positive and effective working relationships with those with whom he comes into contact in the course of work.
Minimum qualifications/education and experience:
Associate's degree equivalent from a regionally accredited college with a major in finance, accounting or related fields and three (3) years of progressively responsible financial aid experience.
Any combination of education and experience that provides the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities is considered appropriate. A typical way of obtaining the required qualifications is given in the Minimum Qualifications section.
Preferred Qualifications:
Licenses and other requirements:
Exam conditions:
Work environment:
Office workers work in an office environment with moderate noise levels, controlled temperature conditions and no direct exposure to hazardous natural substances. Officers may interact with employees, students and/or the public in interpreting and enforcing departmental policies and procedures.
Physical requirements:
You must be mobile to work in a typical office environment and use typical office equipment, including a computer. vision for reading printed material and computer screens; and listening and speaking for communication in person, in front of groups, and over the telephone. This is primarily a sit-down office classification, although standing and walking between work areas may be required. Manual dexterity is required to access, enter and retrieve data using a computer keyboard or calculator and to operate standard office equipment. Positions in this classification bend, stoop, kneel, grasp, push, and pull drawers to open and close to retrieve and file information. Workers must have the ability to lift, carry, push and pull materials and objects weighing up to 20 kg.
Is driven by:
Terms of employment:
The person holding this position must be present on the campus of Mt. San Antonio College to perform all essential duties and responsibilities.
Official job offers are made by the Human Resources Department of the School of Mt. San Antonio and subject to board approval. It is also required that no final job offer be made until the candidate has been successfully scanned live and approved for employment by HR. The cost of live scanning service is borne by the candidate.
Note to all prospective employees - The individual holding this position is considered a "authorized reporter" under the California Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act and, as a prerequisite, must meet the requirements set forth in administrative procedure 3518, with title "Child Abuse Report" possession.
In accordance with the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and the Campus Crime Statistics Act, the annual security report of Mt. San Antonio Community College is available here: pdf.
The individual holding this position is considered a "responsible employee" under Title IX of the Education Amendments Act of 1972 and is required to report to the College's Title IX Coordinator all relevant details of which he or she becomes aware of an incident of alleged sexual harassment, including sexual, reported harassment, sexual assault, dating and domestic violence, and stalking.
Certificate Writing Requirements:
Special Instructions:
A confirmation number will be assigned if your application package states that the additional questions have been answered and that a document is attached to each required link. For assistance with the online application process, contact Human Resources at 1100 N. Grand Avenue, Walnut, CA 91789-1399. Human Resources: (909) 274-4225. Email:
DO NOT include photos or personal information (eg date of birth, place of birth, etc.) in your application or supporting documents.
Long distance travel for an interview: If you are invited to interview, if you need to travel more than 150 miles round trip from your home to attend the interview, please contact our office to discuss accommodation options.
Foreign Transfers:
Transcripts issued outside the United States require an analysis of each degree with a statement of equivalency by a certified credential evaluation agency that certifies the degree's equivalency to that of an accredited institution in the United States. This report must be attached to the application and submitted within the deadline. Accredited assessment bodies can be found at
Personalwesen1100 N. Grand Avenue, Walnut, CA 91789-1399Telefon: (909) 274-4225E-Mail:
Selection process:
The committee evaluates applications taking into account the breadth and depth of appropriate education, training, experience, skills, knowledge and abilities. The screening committee reserves the right to limit the number of approved interviews. Meeting the minimum qualifications for the position does not mean that the candidate will be accepted for an interview.
Interviews may include a written test, a panel presentation and/or an aptitude test. Start date is after board approval and receipt of live scan approval.
Special information for applicants:
In order to ensure examination, it is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that all required materials are received prior to the date and time of the first examination specified in the job posting. Incomplete application documents will not be considered. All application documents become the property of the university and are not returned or copied. Visit our job board at to complete and submit your application for this position.
EEO policy:
The school is an equal opportunity employer. It is the College's policy to encourage applications from national and racial minorities, women, persons with disabilities, and Vietnam veterans. No one may be refused employment because of race, religion, color, national origin, descent, physical or mental disability, health condition, marital status, sex, age, sexual orientation or belief that he has, is refused or has many of these. Characteristics.
Conflict of interests:
The employees of Mt. Members of the San Antonio College and Board of Trustees shall not engage in employment or activities inconsistent with, inconsistent with, or inconsistent with the administrative procedures of the Mt. San Antonio College (AP 2710 Conflict of Interest, AP 2712 Conflict of Interest Code) .
Cancel the RTF rule:
To apply, visit
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registration deadline

14/7/2023 23:59 Peaceful

Release date



human resources
(909) 274-4225

number of openings

It is not specified


$4,943 to $6,308 per month

duration of the working year

See the job description

type of employment

full time

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Not all submissions are eligible for CalPERS. Informational only.


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